Custom Controls
for Automated Machinery and Equipment


 Who is BIS?
Bouillon Integrated Systems (BIS) is a full service electrical, mechanical, and control systemengineering firm that specializes in developing and supplying custom designed families of electrical, mechanical and instrumentation packages to a large variety of equipment manufactures.

Our technology capabilities range from programmable controllers, industrial touchscreens, and real-time computer-based data acquision, to highly integrated custom circuit boards using digital signal processors and Microcontrollers.

  Who are our clients?
Bridgestone, Enviromental Technologies, Inc., Wind Turbine Company, SeamTek, RamGen Power Systems and other manufactures/developers that need state-of-the-art designs without the cost of developing and maintaining a large in-house control development team.

  What do we do?
We specialize in developing and supplying automation equipment to manufacturers whose products require more than a few relays and switches to operate. We can modernize your outdated designs and supply a complete control package with superior functionality and reliability that is competitively priced to what you are currently using.

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